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Maurice is inspiring and wonderful.. every turn you make you will be surprised. So take time to rent a car or hire a driver (see guide drivers) to discover this island.

In the south-west corner lies the National Park of the Black River Gorges. Covering an area of 6574 hectares, which represents 3,5 % of the total surface of the country. The park protects the flora, fauna and natural landscapes of the island. It also shelters more than 10 varieties of plants and 9 species of birds which are unique to Mauritius. Take your time to discover the many wonders…

The chamarel Falls is situated in the south-west of the island beside the colored earths. Their fairylike beauty will hold you back in sheer contemplation…

Chamarel (the multicolored earths) is famous for its knolls of multicolored earths, displaying a contrast of blue, green, red, yellow, which is believed, is the result of weathering.

The Casela is a bird park with a total flock of 2.500 fowls of more than 140 varieties, originating from the five continents of the world. The maurician Pink Pidgeon, which is one of the rarest birds of earth, is the main attraction. And the trees, brooks and small cascades make it a paradisical atmoshere..

The Rochester Falls are sited in the south near Souillac, Surinam. The formations of basaltic stones are striking.. Visit it only in wintertime.. june to august when there is enough water to have a breathtaking experience..

Grand Bassin is a must see. Its one of the natural lakes of the island situated in the crator of an extinct volcano. Its a place of pilgrimage for the Mauritians of Hindu faith. Every year on the Maha Shivaratree festival you will see crowds on their pilgrimage to Grand Bassin. A Buddha statue has been rebuild here, think by now it must be done.. so there will be an updated picture on my next trip.. promised.

The Champ de Mars is the inplace for mauritians during horse-racing seasons (march to october). Be prepared for wild crowds, if taking a car you will not be able to get close to the turf because of stop and go. Its wise to come to Port Louis early morning and spend some time in at the Caudan Waterfront or the markets before you attend the race. Mauritians go crazy for horses, just try your luck and just dont listen to others.. everyone will have his own favourite so it will just confuse you.. Have fun..

The Pamplemousses Gardens cover an area of 57 acres of land. Back in 1735 Mahé de Labourdonnais secured this piece of land to transform it into a kitchen garden. Today the Pampelemousses Gardens (known als Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden) has an impressive collection of indegenous and exotic plants, gigantic water-lilies and a variety of palm trees.The Talipot is of special interest and (acording to legend) it blossoms but once every century before dying. Take a day to discover the gardens.. or try it on weekends, when mauritians have their bbqs here with family. Its just gorgious..

Now just some advice for you.. most hotels will offer you guided tours to all the georgous places around the island. Its wise to use either your own rental car, the bus or hire your own driver. This way you will likely pay much less, see the real interesting places and won’t just feel like somebody took advantage of you. Oh yes.. even in paradise you have to check reality sometimes. Think about tourists paying up to RS 2000 (which is the equivalent of about Euros 50) just to get from Tamarin (West-Coast) to Mahebourg (East-Coast) which is a drive of 30 min.. would you really pay this in your country? Think again.. so just try to go with the flow, mix and mingle with mauritians and have fun.
Check for Guides and you will sure get a fair deal… trust me 🙂

 Stop sign.. traffic

La Vanille Crocodile Park is located in the south, not all to far from Rivière des Anguilles. Its mainly a crocodile rearing farm with species imported from Madagascar. There is a small zoo of animals, ideal for children to mingle with giant turtles.. Else only if you love to try some nice dish or you are interested in crocodiles..

Ile-aux-Cerfs is an island resort about 20 min with boat off the east coast. Not really one of the must haves.. if you take the normal tours.. but try it with a speed boat to uncover the hidden parts of the island and its natural beauty pure powder beaches and the mangroves.. (see guides.. and look for Big, if anyone knows the real hidden spots..its truly him).. Else dont be too disappointed when you flock with crowds of tourists and try to get a lil paradise beach spot on your own.. its like “Baccardi-Island” way to crowded and not really worth the money you gonna spend on it.. unless.. Big takes you 🙂

Ile-aux-cerf - Paradise Island

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