Mo bien conten Maurice…

Mauritius - Sunrise

Mauritius.. Ile de France.. Maurice.. Was it the very first time.. or is it just every time you come to Maurice you start falling in love again.. aproaching the island in the morning hours the sunrise over Maurice is breathtaking.. As I was very lucky each time my flight touch down in Plaisance in the early morning hours.. when the colors of nature mingle with the indian ocean and the beauty unfolds.. Everybody having this experience before will feel me… Mo trés content maurice.. yes I am in love with the most beautiful spot on this earth.. To go with Marc Twain… “..heaven was copied after Mauritius!”

Truly blessed with the sights, sounds, smells, scenes and wonderful people I have met on my journeys, I want to share some with you.


  1. Is Maurice getting to comercialize
    its really expensive to live there or is it i’ve lost in touch with life there
    i havent been there since 1999
    so hoping to visit soon

  2. Hi Danny, thanks for your comment. I guess since 1999 a lot of things have changed.. some for good some getting worse. Due to tourism taking over things are getting more expensive and ppl really struggle to make a living. Its still the most wonderful spot on earth.. and of course the most wonderful ppl, so I hope you find time soon to come for a visit.. and enjoy.. all the best

  3. i would like to visit once my mother country missing my land to much ..

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