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curepipe sight vulcano

Curepipe is on the central plateau of maurice, there is a lot of rainfall due to this location and the climate is actually very temperate. In fact somehow it looks to me everytime there is a special cloud hovering over the vulcano crater that shows me the direction of curepipe.. sounds funny but its just like that.. if there its sunny at the coastal area there will be always some heavy clouds hovering over curepipe..

curepipe crater vulcano

Curepipe is for shopping, its the business center of maurice.. you will find lots of  duty free shops, ships models boutique, stores for Indian wear (got my sarees there) and much more. Do not miss to visit the crater, Trou aux Cerfs, where you will have a fascinating view of the west side of the island. The Botanical Garden of Curepipe needs absolutely a visit. And last but not least the only european style casino is found in Curepipe..

curepipe ship model 

With the flavour of an English market town, Curepipe is the centre of the island’s tea and model-ship building industries and the best place to scatter your money. The town itself is worth a quick visit at most as the surrounding countryside has a more universal appeal.

curepipe vulcano

Being some 500m high it is a favourite sightseeing place for both locals and tourists alike, as although there is humidity, it is generally cooler than most other parts of Mauritius and therefore an ideal place to stay if you find the coast a bit hot. From the lip of the Volcano you can get magnificent views all around stretching to the horizon.. breathtaking sight…

curepipe mauritius

The strangeness of the name ‘Curepipe’ has given rise to fanciful etymologies, the most persistent of which is that during older times the  “grand blanc” on their way from mahebourg to port louis stoped here to have a break and give a rest to their horses and slaves.. so they relaxed and lit a pipe (cure la pipe) Today is an elegant residential town with prize colonial houses, pleasant public gardens and a ultra-modern vegetable market! So dont miss out to have a stop at one of the most exciting points of view of the island, and to the luscious tea plantations….


  1. you offered a very thorough apercu of Curepipe here! I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. 😉

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