Posted by: Renee | January 10, 2008

Quatre Borne

quatre borne

Quatre Bornes (which means Four boundary stones in French) is a town in Mauritius, located in the Upper Plaines Wilhelms district. It is located about 10 miles to the south of Port Louis in the south-west part of the island. Read more..

quatre borne market

When you are there don’t miss out to visit the market.. It is a great experience to shop at open markets. The bargaining, the pushing and the shouting from sellers trying to catch your attention all add colour to the shopping experience…

quatre borne market

..its very colorful and busy as it is in Port Louis.. Quatre Bornes market is small and intimate… here are some impressions…

quatre borne market vegetables

Housewives pretend that the vegetables are fresh because they are brought directly from the gardens.. Exotic fruits and and vegetables can be found there..

quatre borne market clothing

..and also on Sundays a variety of products mostly artisanal as well as clothes are sold..

quatre borne market merchands

One thing I like about shopping at open markets is the competition among sellers. If you find the commodity a bit expensive on one bench, the next seller is sure to offer you a fairer price..

quatre borne market fresh fish

There is a saying in Mauritius that when you visit a town and have not visited the market, you have not really visited the town…

quatre borne, briani

At the entrance of the market many merchants are busy selling all sorts of foods and drinks, and tasting the mauritian famous Briani is a must… Local snacks, such as the Gateaux-piments, are also available…

quatre borne, coconut, coco, market


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