Posted by: Renee | January 7, 2008

Special friends..

..are hard to find.. but once in a while you will meet ppl and instantly click.. knowing you share the same interests, and have the same values and ethics. I am a very outgoing person, openminded with a natural curiosity about life.. so I have met lots off ppl while traveling or work related, and I am constantly networking my connections.. but only few are true friends.. so these ppl are very special to me.. and I am blessed to have the chance to share their journey in life.

 Judy, a wonderful Lady from Trinidad

Judy you are very inspired, intuitive, and creative. Your aim is to improve the world and you can be quite altruistic. You always strive to see the “Big Picture” and achieve your dreams.. thanks for our deep talking… see you soon darling.. 😀

Parwez - pause cafe, mahebourg

Parwez made me feel very much at home in mahebourg.. thanks again for welcoming me into your life.. Mo fine bien bien amizé .. 😉 ..i felt like family..

Dislhaad - Happy Heart

Dilshaad welcomed me like a sister.. and radiates her happy heart each and every second.. thanks for the delicious recipes and for being always there for me.. Mo  bien réconnaissan.. 😀

Ahmed - ‘Worthy of praise’

Ahmed.. you make me smile and give me a good time.. thanks for sharing your thoughts, music and taking your time to make me understand mauritian way of life.. 😉 .. Li coum sa Maurice..

Big Bamboo - Jean-Francois

Big is very special and i am sure he really talks to dolphins.. sharing your view of life and your music with me made me feel very much at ease.. the only thing I am still wondering.. where did you retrieve the name? From the chinese.. describing your character: “The bamboo bends in the wind but is never broken.!” or  the jamaican drink recipe that is a mixture between Tia maria, Jamaican rum and pineapple juice (georgious!). It is proported to have aphrodisiac qualities…  which makes me wonder .. think I have to ask wifey… lol..  😀 .. Cott soze éte? Niméro enn!!

Yemna - Kindness

Yemna patiently taught me some creol.. I know I gave you a hard time with my efforts to get it right.. but ..Oké. Mofine comprend.. thank you darling.. I’ll be back for more 😀

Ven - my sweetheart

Ven.. you make me feel so very special each time… and I am looking forward to see you soon again… Nan unnai kathalikaraen.. pou touzour ..mwaaaa…


  1. Hey renee, poon here…

    Cn i ask u smthng pse?
    Y r u so nice darling?? U no wat i luv u loads loads loadsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Miss u renee

    • Sweetest sis in law,
      am missing you too loadsxxxxx .. see you soon


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