Posted by: Renee | January 6, 2008

Food.. or the delicious cuisine of Maurice

Briani House

once you get started with mauritian cuisine you wont stop to try almost everything it has to offer at least once.. I must confess, that I rather eat than take pictures, but I got some really delicious recipes from friends and of course shopped all the spices and ingredients needed.. (Call it sentimental, but its just for the taste of it.. you get almost everything here in asian or indian stores).

you will find some good recipes here Mauritian Cuisine and just to have a look at it go to Lai-mauritius but trust me.. Carry, Rougaille, Briani or Vindalloo are best tasted at a local place or friends house.. Make sure you get the recipes.. you will miss it when you are back home..

Market at Quatre Borne.. Briani or Vindaye

So wether you try the indian and muslim, the creol or chinese cuisine.. be prepared to get addicted to gajak (snacks) be it Gato pimen, Roti, or all the other variety of cakes and refreshment. Don’t be persuaded to try those green chillies, even if you are told those are baby ones and very mild: they are dynamite! There is a mauritian saying: Tipimen manze gro pimen (a smaller person may be stronger and more capable in every sense than one who appears bigger and stronger). Just remember that the smaller the chilli the hotter it is; the biggest are mild and used as vegetable.. So if you are offered Pimen grasse… watch it, unless you are used to it.. 😀

green chilli - Pimen


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