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Where to stay..

Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel

Just some 10 minutes from the airport you will find one of the marvelous places of Maurice. Located at Blue Bay close to the Marine Park there is Blue Lagoon. The beachhotel offers you a wide range of leisure and sports activities. My stay was very pleasant. See for their website families welcome..

Very close to the Blue Lagoon at Blue Bay you will find the Marine Park. The Blue-Bay Marine Park was inaugurated on the 5th June by the Honourable Minister, Rajesh Bhagwan. It is situated in the South East of Mauritius and covers an area of 353 hectares and spans the area from Pointe Corps de Garde up to Pointe Vacoas at la Cambuse. The Marine Park was proclaimed in October 1997 under the Wildlife and National Parks Act 1993 and designated as a Marine Protected Area in June 2000 under the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act 1998. The speciality of this Marine Park is its extreme beauty and immense richness in terms of marine organisms. To date, the Marine Park harbours more than 38 species of corals and about 72 varieties of fishes together with a multitude of other marine organisms such as algae, seagrass, sea shells etc. The Marine Park has been subdivided into different zones so that user activities may be controlled within certain restricted areas.

Coco Villa Mahebourg

Just 15 min from the airport and only 5 min to the market and waterfront of Mahebourg is Coco Villas located. Pied dans l’eau… close to the water with moderate prices and very helpful staff. Wether you stay here during your holidays or just stop over the day before you board your flight back home.. its worth it. Not only the surroundings and the beautiful garden make your stay special.. Some good restaurants are close by.. so take your time (at least 3 days) to explore Mahebourg.. and visit the famous monday market and the museum.. Check out the website and contact Parwez: 6312192 or  inquire with cocovilla20 [at]
Thanks again folks for making my stay a very pleasant one… I will be back soon..

You will find many places around Mahebourg where you can get delicious food.. starting with “Le Bougainville” just oposite the Blue Lagoon, “Le Phare” at the Waterfront where you get delicious seafood, “Le Bambous de Chine” known for varieties of asian dishes and of course the “Pause Café” right in front of Coco Villa with selections of sweet cakes and truely marvelous mauritian food. Once you are at Mahebourg, just visit these places and enjoy the various spicy dishes offered to you. Just the thought of it waters my mouth.. of course there are lots of local “fastfood” called gajak like Roti and Gateau Piment among others.. every street corner you will get some of this favourite mauritian “mouth full”.. wash it down with Aluda, a national drink of milk and seeds.. very refreshing..
But to get the real taste you need to try some of Creole, Chinese and Indian Cuisine (see food section for details) offered in restaurants here.. enjoy,, none more to say..

If you are looking for a decent accomodation inside Mahébourg check out Tyvabro Tourist Residence Hassen and his Son will make your enjoy your stay. And sure its relaxing to enjoy the sun with a softdrink and some good music.. trust me!!

Tyvabro Sundeck


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