Posted by: Renee | January 5, 2008

Trusted guides..

are truly hard to find on this island. Wether its the natural urge to make money or just part of the hype in tourism.. it seems like everyone is eager to get the most out of your stay on this beautiful island. There are still ways to explore and enjoy your holidays on your own. Don’t worry.. everybody here will be eager to help and show you the way. So if you don’t back off when forced to drive left (britains could not help to insist on this) nor ask locals if you are hopelessly lost.. then hire a car. Its quite cheap. Taking a bus is also an option. You don’t really have to stop and wait at the busstop, just wave and they will stop. Or try to ride a bike and trully get connected with mauritians. And if you really like to have a good time and see the hidden treasures, then here are some trusted guides for your stay.

Hassen - botanical guide

Hassen: he is amazing, his knowledge in botanic will stun you. Fluent in french and english and even some german. Will take you to secret spots and places and show you the “inside maurice”.  Call him at 2528003, Hassen will be pleased to show you around. Don’t forget to tell him “Hello from Renee.. ”

Junior - reliable Guide

Junior (Gianneswar) will take you around to markets, shopping areas where mauritians tend to shop. He knows beautiful beaches and marvelous viewpoints. Don’t hesitate to give him a call: 7874280. Fluent in french and english he will give you a splendit time.
Thanks again Junior for making my stay a pleasant one..

Big Bamboo

“Big” is one of my good friends. If you are eager to be out on the ocean with a speedboat or go snorkelling with the Dolphins. He is the one you should contact. Big knows all the hidden beautiful spots, waterfalls and sure the best beaches around. And moreover he is talking to Dolphins.. you don’t believe it.. see for yourself.. You reach Big with 7598252. Just give him my Fives. Big you are a true friend.. looking forward to see you in germany soon.. 🙂


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