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its definitely one of the “must have seen” markets in Maurice. Very close to the busstation at the waterfront its easy to get there. Monday market is famous, when all the merchants are here to sell their goods. Vegi and fruit, just basics can be bought everyday, but try it on mondays when its crowded. Get some stuff for your holidays here, be it shoes, shirts or any type of clothing.. no need to bring it with you.

I always take time to stroll around and have some fresh juice or coffee somewhere. If you favour saree you should stop over at Aleek or some other shops here and get some. Mahebourg is a cosy lil town on the southeastern coast, district Grand Port and has been the french seaport for quite some time. Have a look to read more:

The Naval museum is worth a stop over, interesting facts about history and if you are lucky you will have a local explaining more to you.. just ask, almost everybody is eager to tell you some stories. Its a treasure-house retracin the colonial past of the island and contains among other things diverse relics of numerous wrackages, printings and engravings, ancient furniture. And also the bed of Mahé de Labourdonnais. Giving the name to Mahebourg.

Close to Mahebourg you will find the Frederic Hendrik Museum. I spent there more than 3 hours getting deeper into the history of Maurice.

Nice idea on a cloudy day, and not too far from “Le Barachois” where you can have delicious seafood.

Le Barachois

Very close is “La Vallée de Ferney” a beautiful nature park.  A trip throught this enchanting landscape will give one to admire its waters, its ferns and wild flowers. In the oasis of greenery can also be found some lovely varieties of orchid, a whole range of anthuriums and a deer pen. Take your time and stroll around. Its very peaceful and quiet.

Ylang ylang’s domain is on the eastern side of the island, where you can see the Bambous Mountain breaks through the horizon. The best season to see the flowers in bloom is from November and March. You can stroll along the paths of the plantation and take a unique journey ending in front of a surprising traditional still, an impressive apparatus designed for essential-oil production and often used in perfumery.


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