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Mahadan Indian Delight (Mahebourg)‏

If you happen to be in Mahebourg Waterfront you should drop in with Mahadan indian Delight. Is owned by Minda and you get the best indian food around. From Tipuri with a varity of dips (veggie), Briani, Roti to Lassi, all tastes delicious. You will want to stop over once again during your stay. (Because it taste sooooo yummy!!)
Its close to Hamilton College just near the busstation.

Am looking forward for dropping in next time Minda.

Mahadan indian Delight (Mahebourg Mauritius)

Mahadan indian Delight (Mahebourg Mauritius)

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curepipe sight vulcano

Curepipe is on the central plateau of maurice, there is a lot of rainfall due to this location and the climate is actually very temperate. In fact somehow it looks to me everytime there is a special cloud hovering over the vulcano crater that shows me the direction of curepipe.. sounds funny but its just like that.. if there its sunny at the coastal area there will be always some heavy clouds hovering over curepipe..

curepipe crater vulcano

Curepipe is for shopping, its the business center of maurice.. you will find lots of  duty free shops, ships models boutique, stores for Indian wear (got my sarees there) and much more. Do not miss to visit the crater, Trou aux Cerfs, where you will have a fascinating view of the west side of the island. The Botanical Garden of Curepipe needs absolutely a visit. And last but not least the only european style casino is found in Curepipe..

curepipe ship model 

With the flavour of an English market town, Curepipe is the centre of the island’s tea and model-ship building industries and the best place to scatter your money. The town itself is worth a quick visit at most as the surrounding countryside has a more universal appeal.

curepipe vulcano

Being some 500m high it is a favourite sightseeing place for both locals and tourists alike, as although there is humidity, it is generally cooler than most other parts of Mauritius and therefore an ideal place to stay if you find the coast a bit hot. From the lip of the Volcano you can get magnificent views all around stretching to the horizon.. breathtaking sight…

curepipe mauritius

The strangeness of the name ‘Curepipe’ has given rise to fanciful etymologies, the most persistent of which is that during older times the  “grand blanc” on their way from mahebourg to port louis stoped here to have a break and give a rest to their horses and slaves.. so they relaxed and lit a pipe (cure la pipe) Today is an elegant residential town with prize colonial houses, pleasant public gardens and a ultra-modern vegetable market! So dont miss out to have a stop at one of the most exciting points of view of the island, and to the luscious tea plantations….

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Quatre Borne

quatre borne

Quatre Bornes (which means Four boundary stones in French) is a town in Mauritius, located in the Upper Plaines Wilhelms district. It is located about 10 miles to the south of Port Louis in the south-west part of the island. Read more..

quatre borne market

When you are there don’t miss out to visit the market.. It is a great experience to shop at open markets. The bargaining, the pushing and the shouting from sellers trying to catch your attention all add colour to the shopping experience…

quatre borne market

..its very colorful and busy as it is in Port Louis.. Quatre Bornes market is small and intimate… here are some impressions…

quatre borne market vegetables

Housewives pretend that the vegetables are fresh because they are brought directly from the gardens.. Exotic fruits and and vegetables can be found there..

quatre borne market clothing

..and also on Sundays a variety of products mostly artisanal as well as clothes are sold..

quatre borne market merchands

One thing I like about shopping at open markets is the competition among sellers. If you find the commodity a bit expensive on one bench, the next seller is sure to offer you a fairer price..

quatre borne market fresh fish

There is a saying in Mauritius that when you visit a town and have not visited the market, you have not really visited the town…

quatre borne, briani

At the entrance of the market many merchants are busy selling all sorts of foods and drinks, and tasting the mauritian famous Briani is a must… Local snacks, such as the Gateaux-piments, are also available…

quatre borne, coconut, coco, market

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sugar cane

The sugarcane plant was introduced in Mauritius in 1639 by the Dutch colonizers to produce artisanal rum. The first sugar mill was set up at Villebague in 1745.  Subsequent colonial powers (France and then Great Britain) used the slave trade and the indentured labour system to expand and consolidate the industry.  At its peak, there were 259 sugar mills in 1838 in Mauritius..

sugarcane harvest

In June, at the beginning of the harvest, the fields of sweet grass, on this sugar island, are burnt back to facilitate harvesting.. 

sugar cane harvest The cutters work in two shifts round the clock from dawn till dusk. Harvesting sugar cane is hard graft and earns little more than a pittance..

sugar cane transportThe entire harvest must be brought in within a legally fixed period of 140 days, before being processed in the island’s refineries ..

sugar cane transport 

Seven out of the eleven existing sugar cane factories will be closed. The remaining ones will be transformed into flexi-factories with a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons of sugar per year… Read more about the EU assisting in revamp of sugar sane industry..

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Sights and scenes..

Flic en Flac - beach on sundays

weekends  beaches are fun all around the island.. crowded and with lots of merchands selling snacks and fresh juices..  

grand baie .. public beach

try the pineapple and coconut (l’eau de coco) its very tasty and refreshing..

mahebourg citylife

everyday life in Mahébourg.. just have a coffee, tea or juice somewhere and take time to watch ppl go by.. Mauritians always seem to be busy and heading for something.. but in a very relaxed way…

glas recyling

imported glasbottles come here for recycling and the glasware that is made out of it is worth a look.. most hotels have glasses designed by this manufacturers..

shrine at the sugarcane fields

everywhere close to the sugarcane fields there are shrines. The offerings will bring good harvest.. as the workers believe..

sugar cane harvest

The French established the sugar industry under Governor Mahe de Labourdonnais. Then, slaves were brought from Madagascar and Africa to work in these sugarcane fields.
Read more about the history of sugar with reference to the 19th century in mauritius

mahebourg cyper cafe

In 2005 mauritians still believed that by year’s end, or soon afterward, maurice will become the world’s first nation with coast-to-coast wireless Internet coverage, the first country to become one big “hot spot.” we are in 2008 and still only very few can afford to have their own access because of high prices.. so cyper cafes are crowded.. read more about mauritian hot spots here..

manioc bisquits mahebourg

Around 1807, Jean Fabien Rault sailed from his native village of St. Brieuc, Brittany, France to settle in “Isle de France,” (Mauritius.) In 1809 he got married and in 1868, Hilarion, his youngest son who was also married by then, tried the making of manioc biscuits for fun. They tasted so good that he was encouraged by his family and friends to start marketing them. The factory was set up and the first commercially manufactured biscuits were sold as from 1870. Read more..

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Special friends..

..are hard to find.. but once in a while you will meet ppl and instantly click.. knowing you share the same interests, and have the same values and ethics. I am a very outgoing person, openminded with a natural curiosity about life.. so I have met lots off ppl while traveling or work related, and I am constantly networking my connections.. but only few are true friends.. so these ppl are very special to me.. and I am blessed to have the chance to share their journey in life.

 Judy, a wonderful Lady from Trinidad

Judy you are very inspired, intuitive, and creative. Your aim is to improve the world and you can be quite altruistic. You always strive to see the “Big Picture” and achieve your dreams.. thanks for our deep talking… see you soon darling.. 😀

Parwez - pause cafe, mahebourg

Parwez made me feel very much at home in mahebourg.. thanks again for welcoming me into your life.. Mo fine bien bien amizé .. 😉 ..i felt like family..

Dislhaad - Happy Heart

Dilshaad welcomed me like a sister.. and radiates her happy heart each and every second.. thanks for the delicious recipes and for being always there for me.. Mo  bien réconnaissan.. 😀

Ahmed - ‘Worthy of praise’

Ahmed.. you make me smile and give me a good time.. thanks for sharing your thoughts, music and taking your time to make me understand mauritian way of life.. 😉 .. Li coum sa Maurice..

Big Bamboo - Jean-Francois

Big is very special and i am sure he really talks to dolphins.. sharing your view of life and your music with me made me feel very much at ease.. the only thing I am still wondering.. where did you retrieve the name? From the chinese.. describing your character: “The bamboo bends in the wind but is never broken.!” or  the jamaican drink recipe that is a mixture between Tia maria, Jamaican rum and pineapple juice (georgious!). It is proported to have aphrodisiac qualities…  which makes me wonder .. think I have to ask wifey… lol..  😀 .. Cott soze éte? Niméro enn!!

Yemna - Kindness

Yemna patiently taught me some creol.. I know I gave you a hard time with my efforts to get it right.. but ..Oké. Mofine comprend.. thank you darling.. I’ll be back for more 😀

Ven - my sweetheart

Ven.. you make me feel so very special each time… and I am looking forward to see you soon again… Nan unnai kathalikaraen.. pou touzour ..mwaaaa…

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Beaches … everywhere around the island


Blue Bay at the east-coast is wonderful for snorkeling, or just to have a nice day relaxing. A must do is a visit to the Marine Park with its protected fish and corals.. Read more and see pic in Must do..

In the west you will find some nice places in Flic en Flac.. just have a look…

flic en flac, western part of maurice

Up in the north Perybere, Grand Baie, Poudre d’or or Cap Malheureux.. too many beautiful places to be and beaches to view.. take your time to explore.. sure there are some hidden spots, where you will be on your own…

Grand Baie

Down South is more wild and ideal for kite, whale watching or swimming with the dolphins (check for Big in Guides 😀 ) Tamarin, Le Morne, Souillac.. you will feel the force of the ocean.. but definitely enjoy the breathtaking views..

southern beaches of mauritius

So once you found your “very special spot” try to be there during weekdays and also on a weekend. All beaches of Maurice are public beaches, so you will have lots of fun with growds of mauritians and their families.. dont miss it!!

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Food.. or the delicious cuisine of Maurice

Briani House

once you get started with mauritian cuisine you wont stop to try almost everything it has to offer at least once.. I must confess, that I rather eat than take pictures, but I got some really delicious recipes from friends and of course shopped all the spices and ingredients needed.. (Call it sentimental, but its just for the taste of it.. you get almost everything here in asian or indian stores).

you will find some good recipes here Mauritian Cuisine and just to have a look at it go to Lai-mauritius but trust me.. Carry, Rougaille, Briani or Vindalloo are best tasted at a local place or friends house.. Make sure you get the recipes.. you will miss it when you are back home..

Market at Quatre Borne.. Briani or Vindaye

So wether you try the indian and muslim, the creol or chinese cuisine.. be prepared to get addicted to gajak (snacks) be it Gato pimen, Roti, or all the other variety of cakes and refreshment. Don’t be persuaded to try those green chillies, even if you are told those are baby ones and very mild: they are dynamite! There is a mauritian saying: Tipimen manze gro pimen (a smaller person may be stronger and more capable in every sense than one who appears bigger and stronger). Just remember that the smaller the chilli the hotter it is; the biggest are mild and used as vegetable.. So if you are offered Pimen grasse… watch it, unless you are used to it.. 😀

green chilli - Pimen

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Where to stay..

Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel

Just some 10 minutes from the airport you will find one of the marvelous places of Maurice. Located at Blue Bay close to the Marine Park there is Blue Lagoon. The beachhotel offers you a wide range of leisure and sports activities. My stay was very pleasant. See for their website families welcome..

Very close to the Blue Lagoon at Blue Bay you will find the Marine Park. The Blue-Bay Marine Park was inaugurated on the 5th June by the Honourable Minister, Rajesh Bhagwan. It is situated in the South East of Mauritius and covers an area of 353 hectares and spans the area from Pointe Corps de Garde up to Pointe Vacoas at la Cambuse. The Marine Park was proclaimed in October 1997 under the Wildlife and National Parks Act 1993 and designated as a Marine Protected Area in June 2000 under the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act 1998. The speciality of this Marine Park is its extreme beauty and immense richness in terms of marine organisms. To date, the Marine Park harbours more than 38 species of corals and about 72 varieties of fishes together with a multitude of other marine organisms such as algae, seagrass, sea shells etc. The Marine Park has been subdivided into different zones so that user activities may be controlled within certain restricted areas.

Coco Villa Mahebourg

Just 15 min from the airport and only 5 min to the market and waterfront of Mahebourg is Coco Villas located. Pied dans l’eau… close to the water with moderate prices and very helpful staff. Wether you stay here during your holidays or just stop over the day before you board your flight back home.. its worth it. Not only the surroundings and the beautiful garden make your stay special.. Some good restaurants are close by.. so take your time (at least 3 days) to explore Mahebourg.. and visit the famous monday market and the museum.. Check out the website and contact Parwez: 6312192 or  inquire with cocovilla20 [at]
Thanks again folks for making my stay a very pleasant one… I will be back soon..

You will find many places around Mahebourg where you can get delicious food.. starting with “Le Bougainville” just oposite the Blue Lagoon, “Le Phare” at the Waterfront where you get delicious seafood, “Le Bambous de Chine” known for varieties of asian dishes and of course the “Pause Café” right in front of Coco Villa with selections of sweet cakes and truely marvelous mauritian food. Once you are at Mahebourg, just visit these places and enjoy the various spicy dishes offered to you. Just the thought of it waters my mouth.. of course there are lots of local “fastfood” called gajak like Roti and Gateau Piment among others.. every street corner you will get some of this favourite mauritian “mouth full”.. wash it down with Aluda, a national drink of milk and seeds.. very refreshing..
But to get the real taste you need to try some of Creole, Chinese and Indian Cuisine (see food section for details) offered in restaurants here.. enjoy,, none more to say..

If you are looking for a decent accomodation inside Mahébourg check out Tyvabro Tourist Residence Hassen and his Son will make your enjoy your stay. And sure its relaxing to enjoy the sun with a softdrink and some good music.. trust me!!

Tyvabro Sundeck

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Trusted guides..

are truly hard to find on this island. Wether its the natural urge to make money or just part of the hype in tourism.. it seems like everyone is eager to get the most out of your stay on this beautiful island. There are still ways to explore and enjoy your holidays on your own. Don’t worry.. everybody here will be eager to help and show you the way. So if you don’t back off when forced to drive left (britains could not help to insist on this) nor ask locals if you are hopelessly lost.. then hire a car. Its quite cheap. Taking a bus is also an option. You don’t really have to stop and wait at the busstop, just wave and they will stop. Or try to ride a bike and trully get connected with mauritians. And if you really like to have a good time and see the hidden treasures, then here are some trusted guides for your stay.

Hassen - botanical guide

Hassen: he is amazing, his knowledge in botanic will stun you. Fluent in french and english and even some german. Will take you to secret spots and places and show you the “inside maurice”.  Call him at 2528003, Hassen will be pleased to show you around. Don’t forget to tell him “Hello from Renee.. ”

Junior - reliable Guide

Junior (Gianneswar) will take you around to markets, shopping areas where mauritians tend to shop. He knows beautiful beaches and marvelous viewpoints. Don’t hesitate to give him a call: 7874280. Fluent in french and english he will give you a splendit time.
Thanks again Junior for making my stay a pleasant one..

Big Bamboo

“Big” is one of my good friends. If you are eager to be out on the ocean with a speedboat or go snorkelling with the Dolphins. He is the one you should contact. Big knows all the hidden beautiful spots, waterfalls and sure the best beaches around. And moreover he is talking to Dolphins.. you don’t believe it.. see for yourself.. You reach Big with 7598252. Just give him my Fives. Big you are a true friend.. looking forward to see you in germany soon.. 🙂

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